Croma Lamp Prewie

Lamp or musical instrument?

Play the light.
Touch the sound.
Listen to the colours.
CROMA is an experience that redefines
all you thought you knew about your senses.
The quintessence of sinestesia.


Croma Lamp Prewie

Limited Edition - Few pieces left

Croma Lamp Prewie

Excellent Raw Materials

To choose and transform the woods, we addressed Cantù Made, a group of enterprises and designers that work in an area traditionally linked to high woodworking and that promotes local design and artisanship excellency in the furniture environment.

Cantù Made in Italy Logos

The strings are manufactured by Aquilacorde (Vicenza) and are made of Bionylon®; they are the first synthetic strings composed of 63 % of castor oil and are hence eco-friendly. Their colour is that of a natural pearl and they have excellent mechanical and acoustic properties.

Aquila - corde armoniche Logos

The LED lighting system was designed and realised by Arkesys (Varese), a partner selected because they share the concept of light as a mean of expression; between passion, technology and artisanship, the idea is to promote an eco-sustainable lighting.

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Croma Lamp Deteil Prewie


CROMA is a unique musical instrument that mounts five strings tuned according to the Scientific Pitch.


CROMA is a special lamp that turns sounds into colours, music into light, technology into emotion.


CROMA is a design object completely handcrafted in Italy, carefully assembling the finest materials.



Each CROMA is strictly hand made in Italy. Our artisans are in charge of personally manufacturing, assembling and tuning each piece, a process requiring at least two months. When you purchase your CROMA, don't forget waiting is a meaningful part of your experience: in the end, the best things come to those who wait.


Limited Edition - Few pieces left

Croma Lamp Prewie