Croma Lamp About us

The impossible, made possible

CROMA represents the amazing meeting of three apparently distant worlds:
technology, design, music.

Creator CromaLamp

The engineer

Luca Feliciani

A sound engineer. A designer. A lifestyle pioneer. But especially, an innovation lover. Luca is the founder of Laboratorio Creativo Geppetto, a unique lab that pursues the perfect union of Made in Italy artisan tradition with the tech power of the internet of things. His tireless passion led him to conceive the revolutionary idea of CROMA.

Creator CromaLamp

The designers

Alessandro Capella & Davide Rezzonico

Young and brave. The perfect pair of designers who take charge of the formal and esthetical shaping of CROMA. Davide, committed to the idea since the very early stage, designed the line of the wooden body; Alessandro, an expert in lamp design, defined the structure and designed the assembling system.

Creator CromaLamp

The luthier

Dario Pontiggia

A high-end master in crafting and restoring classical guitars and Baroque harps. Dario is in charge of the full development of CROMA body: from the choice of the woods to the definition of the notes, always focusing on achieving the finest harmony. Dario usually relies on the consultancy of Mara Galassi, a world class harpist.